A-Z Launches

Selling products at Amazon is not a secret thing now. You can hire a team to manage all A-Z launches. It is a trusted destination where they can buy a broader range of products. So, you need to look for a way to add customer value. As an Amazon seller, you must offer ease and convenience to all your users, such as top-notch experience, better prices, and selection.

  1. $3.5+ billion in sales by third-party Selling Partners during Prime Day 2020
  2. 150+ million Prime members worldwide
  3. 100 million worldwide active customer accounts

How to register?

It is very simple and easy to go for registration. You can choose any of the plans and pricing packages here. With two selling packages, Amazon allows you to sell one product or millions. Before starting registration, decide which plan is the best fit for your business.

What do you need for registration?

To fulfill your registration requirements, you need to complete these formalities.

  1. Phone number
  2. Tax information
  3. Government-issued national ID
  4. Chargeable credit card
  5. Bank account number and bank routing number

Working of Program for Sellers:

To enroll in the Early Reviewer Scheme, sellers must be brand licensed. To apply for the scheme, goods must have a consumer cost of at least $15.00. There is a $60 charge for software registration per product. The engagement in the program ends after 5 product reviews are done.

Eligibility of Products:

  1. The substance to be reviewed shall be at least $15.00.
  2. SKUs must be parental-level or independent, and child SKUs must be automatically registered with the parent.
  3. The service is only open to Amazon-registered brand dealers.
  4. At most, four reviews should exist for the product.

The product will continue in the program for one year or five ratings. Amazon charges $60 for membership by SKU. Sellers may select the items to examine, but the option of who reviews the product is not permitted.

What are you waiting for? Madikhan is here to serve you for A-Z Launches, and this service will only send you five ratings, and Amazon will stop allowing customers to use small gift cards.

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