3pl (storage, Labeling, and shipping to Amazon FBA in UAE):

What is 3PL?

3PL (third-party logistics) is the process that offers a range of logistic solutions and services for companies of all sizes. It is ideal for organizations that need fulfillment operations, inventory management, and warehousing. It comes with a complete suite of end-to-end logistics solutions. It includes

  1. Warehouse operation management
  2. Inventory Control Management
  3. International Logistics Management
  4. Customer Service Management
  5. Analyst
  6. Logistics Engineer
  7. Logistics Management
  8. Logistics Services Salesperson
  9. Logistics Software Management
  10. Materials Management
  11. Purchasing Management
  12. Warehouse Operation Management
  13. Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator
  14. Transportation Management
  15. System Support Management
  16. Purchasing Management
  17. Production Management

The above list of services is enough to deal with the Amazon product business. Once you register with the company, you will get complimentary for sure. When you ask for 3Pl service, it will give you the following amenities:


It would help if you found a place that can secure and safely store goods that cannot reach their target destination because of different causes. 3Pi allows you to forget worrying about the storage place. A freight forwarding service can offer a warehousing facility to guarantee your inventory’s secured storage.

Reliability and security:

It is one of the essential factors which you must look for. Do you want to transport your parcels internationally, or are you searching for local transportation? You can trust freight forwarding service for secure and hassle-free shipping of your goods. They ensure the safe delivery of your orders with effective shipping and packaging methods with no fear of theft or loss.

Hiring MK for your goods and other merchandise to manage the best 3PL Services is highly safe and secure.

How did Madikhan help you?

When the time comes to get a complete suite of services under one roof, MK will sort out all the concerns and requirements of your business. It will save time and energy because you can get a complete set from labeling to storage. With the help of the 3PI, you can avail of Amazon labeling services from MK, including:

  1. Product research
  2. Competition analysis
  3. Supplier identification
  4. Choose the tactic for the product fulfillment
  5. Pick the private label brand and list it
  6. Launch the product at the end

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