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MK is the name of one of the top leading Amazon service providers in town. Our company owns a large share of the Amazon market, where we successfully launched 250 plus Products in the Wholesale market in Amazon. ae and 200+ plus Products in PL. MK is not only an online marketing portal but also helps online sellers and investors to build their businesses on Amazon. Today, we proudly guide a community of 5000 people about starting a business on Amazon. We offer the following services all over UAE.


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Madi khan is one of the pioneers of Amazon UAE. He is helping hundreds of people to star business on Amazon UAE and Launched 250 wholesale and 200 plus PL products in Amazon



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We would rather be thought of as a boutique of digital art than a factory which exceeds its capacity.

Product Lunching

A-Z Launches:

MK provides an A-Z product launching service where the seller can get all the required services essential for his business. We never charge extra on any service; therefore, we settled a fixed of 2200 AED/Product so the sellers or entrepreneurs can deal with us without any problem.

Product Research

Product research:

It is one of our primary services in which the person gets all the required details of the target product. Get the latest deals on the leading items of Amazon with low competition. We offer product research learning services to new entrepreneurs who want to work with Amazon.



Product Sourcing is a process that needs to understand, and only experts can help you. MK makes the sourcing process smoother and more convenient for you. Product sourcing is the key that a retailer can use to take full hold of the Amazon marketplace. The seller sends..

content writing

Content writing:

MK offers unique content for Amazon dealers as it is an essential part of SEO (search engine optimization). Our team of expert writers knows how to tackle the product and how to elaborate on its features.



We can help you to get the highest ranking in the sub-category of your product. BSR or Amazon Sale Rank shows numbers indicating the product's popularity in the main category. Although it is not essential to get

Graphic designing

Graphic Designing:

The brand needs visibility, and through graphic designing, it is possible to give words to the picture. The selection of the image, content, video, page layout, etc., depends on the professional graphic designing


PPC Optimization:

For increased sales, PPC (pay-per-click) is available for sponsored advertisements. Here the user will not pay a single penny for the ad, and only the advertiser will pay for this service on Amazon. As an FBA Amazon worker, you must take advantage of this service as it can create

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics:

MK has years of experience and logistics and shipment. The team of qualified members makes sure to deliver the right product on time. From transport from the factory to the final destination, we will take care of the product and deliver it on time.


3pl (storage, Labeling, and shipping to Amazon FBA in UAE):

MK offers a complete set of services from storage to labeling until delivery. Get amazon labeling, including:

  • Research the product
  • Analyze your Competition
  • Identify the supplier

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MK works as an Amazon service provider, dealing with 250 products, and more than 5000 people already get assistance for their online eCommerce businesses.  For quality assurance service in the USA and around the globe, choose MK as it’s a brand.

Quick Response

Once you visit our portal, you can contact the customer agent, and he will reply to all your queries. Quick response is one of the reasons why people want to deal with us.

Best Support

Undoubtedly, our team is behind the success of our business. Even we support entrepreneurs who enroll in learning Amazon FBA courses.

Time Saving

Time is money, and we value it. We will never waste your time making false deals but only provide classic deals. We are passionate about developing brilliant digital marketing services.

Finest Quality

We never compromise on the quality of the product; therefore, we have 100%, satisfied clients. MK is the name of quality assurance, which is why our online portal ranked on the front page of search engines.

Best Pricing Plan For Your

Please don't buy from us unless you're not ready for Success. Let's think of big Savings with the following packages:

Product Hunting + Sourcing

AED 800
  • Product Hunting
  • Sourcing


AED 3000
  • Hunting
  • Sourcing
  • Shipping
  • Content writing
  • Ranking

Product Hunting

AED 600
  • Product Hunting


Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can get a money-back guarantee for a week. After one week, according to company policy, you can't get money back facility.

Well, it's up to your need and the requirement of the business. You can take product hunting alone or pair up a package with sourcing. The decision will be yours.

Yes, you can, but we recommend you to follow the instructions carefully before login in to avoid inconvenience.

What Our Client Say About Us!

Anwar khan

Madi khan is one the most experience persons in Amazon UAE I have worked with. Product selection and Sourcing is just outclass and a very humble human being.

Ahmed Khan

Madi khan is Amazon Guru and a gem Masha ALLAH. Not only expert in E commerce but a best mentor and a helpful for all the Amazon UAE community.